Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 2015 Collection – Paris Fashion Week

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The journey starts here! The much-anticipated Louis Vuitton spring/summer 2015 collection has just been unveiled at Paris Fashion Week, impressing, inspiring and highly impacting everyone present with the special futuristic atmosphere created on the runway. In the iconic Louis Vuitton Foundation the entire catwalk was painted in black and as the show began huge 3D screens showed models speaking to the guests and getting them ready to explore the beauty to “travel to any part of the universe without moving”. The start was promising and the entire show proved to be highly spectacular, bringing Nicolas Ghesquière’s signature avant-garde style philosophy spiced up with Vuitton’s elegance and sophistication. While his debut collection for Vuitton was more neutral and classic, this one did demonstrate Ghesquière’s love for complex style mishmashes and a strong fashion attitude.

Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 2015 Collection - Paris Fashion Week

The Louis Vuitton spring/summer 2015 collection sent out clothes blending the lovely ‘70s retro vibes with futuristic motifs, and mixing so many ideas, textures and fabrics, which still looked harmonious and flawless with each other. We saw there lots of leather, chiffon, see-through materials, denim, lace, silk, cotton knits, velvet and shiny fabrics, which looked just ideal in the slightly saturated color palette, bringing blacks, whites, bordeaux, red, dark greens, blues and grays. Especially striking was the play with small details, including the flirty frills, feathery motifs, zips and leather ribbons attached to the collars of the playful dresses.

The show also presented eye-feasting bold prints and patterns, like the bright florals, wild animal motifs or the spectacular modern art resembling patterns, featuring cosmetic products, eyelash curlers, Louis Vuitton tiny box bag prints, cars and salt shakers, which together looked so clashing, yet totally cool and pretty. These futuristic print designs decorated the little white dress with a black belt-like detail on the waist and the creative lace short sleeves, as well as the mini white skirt in the same style as the dress, coming matched with a black lace top with short sleeves.

There were lots of little dresses, which mixed various fabrics and textures and looked so elaborate and chic. Some came with zip-up designs and used straight forms using leather and other stiff materials, while other looked more breezy and flowing, mixing lots of ruffles and frills and combining lace with chiffon. Still in both the options presented, the models looked serious and a bit tough, embracing the overall strict and futuristic feel of the collection.

Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 2015 Collection - Paris Fashion Week

Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 2015 Collection - Paris Fashion Week

Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 2015 Collection - Paris Fashion Week

Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 2015 Collection - Paris Fashion Week

Other than that, we saw also lots of sharp mini skirts matched with elegant short-sleeved tops, tough denim pants and knee-length shorts, classy coats, blazers and jackets in various hues and patterns, overwhelmingly printed separates, an elegant black below-the-knee skirt with high slits up on the front and the back parts, knitted slim sweaters and two pairs of elegant black tailored pants cut at the ankle level and decorated with knee leather accessories that carried both sporty and futuristic motifs. What’s important, all the designs demonstrated managed to convey the signature Louis Vuitton style, still looking up-to-date, stylish and cool.

Surely, the Louis Vuitton spring/summer 2015 collection also brought some awe-inspiring leather accessories, staying true to Vuitton’s roots. We saw iconic Louis Vuitton handbags in various sizes, forms and colors to meet the demands of every Vuitton addict, as well as leather boots that looked no less modern and cool.

Like the start, the development and the finale of the Louis Vuitton spring/summer 2015 collection show were awesome too, and so was every single item presented there. We just can’t wait to get hands on these goodies, getting our dose of Vuitton luxury and surviving until the next show-stopping collection by Nicolas Ghesquière!

Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 2015 Collection - Paris Fashion Week

Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 2015 Collection - Paris Fashion Week

Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 2015 Collection - Paris Fashion Week

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2014 Fall Louis Vuitton Cardigans For Women

Fashion Trends

1 Louis Vuitton Womens Cardigans 1

It is really looks different for the first Fall collection made by Nicolas Ghesquiere for Louis Vuitton. Look at the 2014 Fall Louis Vuitton Women’s Cardigans, there are many stylists made so many compliments in various magazines and fashion publications. and the Fall Winter 2014 Season Louis Vuitton Collection really standout which in a front zip cardigan embellished with graphical inserts which looked like a typical 1960′s and 1970′s Scandinavian ski equipment ornament.

As you can see, only Interview Magazine and Vogue stylists dared to experiment with Louis Vuitton fashion show’s look, by changing the skirt. And in my opinion, those new Womens LV Cardigansto be very practical which we can wear the moleskin skirt with leggings or wool tights during the cold winter season. View more new 2014 Fall Winter Louis Vuitton at Cheap LV Bags Site for further update!

1 Louis Vuitton Womens Cardigans 2 1 Louis Vuitton Womens Cardigans 3 1 Louis Vuitton Womens Cardigans 4 1 Louis Vuitton Womens Cardigans 5

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The 66th Emmy Awards Red Carpet Dresses Review, Who Is the Goddess

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 The 66th Emmy Awards Red Carpet

Last week, on the red carpet of this 66th Emmy Awards, there was a number of celebrities wearing the fashion dresses at their best appeared the red carpet. And we can catch the latest fashion trend on the red red carpet since celebrities dressed the newest design show their best. Colors such as red, white, cobalt blue, and coral remains a favorite. Accent belt in appearance is never missed.

Blue colorway become one of popular dresses on the Emmy Awards red carpet, from the sapphire blue to navy blue, they were all show the unique elegant amorous feelings, Edie Falco,Keke Palmer,Mayim Bialik,Melissa Rauch,Rose Leslie and Christine Baranski looks great in blue color dresses. But the red always the first choice for many of actresses. There are a number of collection from Emmy Awards 2014 Red carpet dresses can be your inspiration, take a view blow, and tell us who is the goddess in the dresses?

Best-Emmys-2014-Red-Carpet 1 The 66th Emmy Awards Red Carpet Dresses 31 The 66th Emmy Awards Red Carpet Dresses 41 The 66th Emmy Awards Red Carpet Dresses 51 The 66th Emmy Awards Red Carpet Dresses 61 The 66th Emmy Awards Red Carpet Dresses 71 The 66th Emmy Awards Red Carpet Dresses 81 The 66th Emmy Awards Red Carpet Dresses 91 The 66th Emmy Awards Red Carpet Dresses 10

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What to wear in Summer Season, Street Style in July

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1 Chrissy-Teigen-Street-Style-2014 2
It is must be the hottest season in a year, and the month of July, we had been in the third week now. So what to wear in summer season in a fashion and elegant look? How to wear outfits and match handbags in the hot season to show your good figure? Street style celebrities in the third week in July features celebrities like Taylor Swift, Miranda Kerr and Kendall Jenner show their street style match online to give our advice to match in summer season.

Styles of the celebrities who stay chic and fashionable always manages to steal the attention, watch more fashion match also help you can find your own style in a chic look. Look at those photos, here are several different style match, like Taylor Swift in the hot pants with long white t-shirts as well as a beautiful handbags and heels nude color with very stylish. Just simple but classic match also very eye-catching. Want to keep yourself fashion, stay tuned to our website and visit lvbagsnews.com to find more cheap lv bags to with your outfits.

1 Kendall-Jenner-Steet-Style-20141 Miranda-Kerr-Street-Style-2014 51 Paris-Hilton-Street-Style-2014 41 Taylor-Swift-Street-Style-2014 3

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First View 2015 Mens Louis Vuitton Spring 2015 Accessories, Men’s LV Bags Cheap Sale

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Yesterday, we just take a full view about Louis Vuitton 2015 Spring Summer Menswear Collection which design by Kim Jones, and he continues on his round the World voyage for Louis Vuitton with his latest collection for the French house. Here, a set of new 2015 Spring Louis Vuitton Men’s Accessories collection exposure online now, Let’s take a look and leave your opinion about those latest new LV accessories for men below.

In the new set of men’s Louis Vuitton 2015 Spring accessories, we will find monogram totes, beautiful zig-zag print silk scarves, tanned deer doctor bags, with Indian sundials appearing on belt buckles, cuff links, rings and charms. In those new lv accessories, they will be bring you a colorful travel time and those new range of casual, sports bags, the V Collection in water-repellent leather for a durable, everyday carry. Check out those new images about Louis Vuitton Men’s Spring 2015 accessories and stay tuned to lvbagsnews.com for more new lv items cheap sale, free shipping!

Louis-Vuitton-Accessories-Spring-2015Louis-Vuitton-Accessories-Spring-2015 Louis-Vuitton-Accessories-Spring-2015Louis-Vuitton-Accessories-Spring-2015Louis-Vuitton-Accessories-Spring-201

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Dark And Classic Elegance 2014-15 Louis Vuitton Pre-Fall Fashion Trends

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Right now, when we still soaking the summer season, the great fashion house has been except upcoming pre fall fashion trends. Fashion always in advance, and Louis Vuitton pre-fall fashion trends show us in a dark color design with the classic elegance apperance design.

A darker color design always maintain a reserved charm and sophistication unique. And the 2014 pre Fall Louis Vuitton outfits strict in their classic, cool colors to able to keep fashion always. the amplitudes are eccentric, both in his pants, coats and capes that come back with a strong trend this upcoming Fall Winter season.

In the Louis Vuitton 2014 Pre-Fall Collection, we also find the unforgettable furs wich classic form, half jackets or vests as knee-lenght keep charming. Check out those new images about Pre-Fall Louis Vuitton fashion trends below and grab some latest new lv bags sale at lvbagsnews.com!

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